to the Chinese art of Feng Shui

Achieving the perfect life balance isn't easy and you may be struggling with any number of issues such as relationships, your career, sleep, your health, energy levels or simply just trying to achieve a better feeling of wellbeing and happiness.

Enjoy positive change with Bazi/Life Chart readings

Wouldn't it be useful to make change for you're your future? With the unique experience of reading Bazi and her intuition and knowledge knowledge she can make changes happen in your future. Email for more information or book a call using the PayPal button below.

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What is Feng Shui?

Literally meaning wind and water, Feng Sui is the ancient Chinese art of harmonizing your surroundings and environment with you as an individual, in order to promote and improve your happiness, wellbeing and success, both physically and psychologically.

Effective Feng Shui balances life's energies (or chi) and natural yin and yang as well as using the 5 elements of fire, earth, metal, water and wood in order to bring about lasting improvement and benefits to your life. When complimented with the insight gained from Janine's BaZi Life Readings and her natural talent and skill in interior design, Feng Shui can help you make significant, positive and lasting change.

Your Feng Shui consultant, Janine

With a strong natural intuition, Janine combines her knowledge of Bazi, Flying Stars, Metaphysics & Form, Auspicious Dates, to provide you with a unique tailored and thoroughly effective Feng Shui Consultation.