Janine Lowe

Chinese Astrologer & Feng Shui Consultant

2020 Year of the Rat Janine Lowe

Janine is a classically trained Feng Shui consultant in the arts of Bazi, Flying Stars, Auspicious Dates, Qi Men Dun Jia and I Ching; having received training from notable teacher Joey Yap.

Teaching Chinese Metaphysics to individuals and businesses globally, Janine has clientele across diverse industries as well as providing online private consultations and interacting daily with her 300,000 social media followers.

Live every day with intention

Janine Lowe

Literally meaning wind and water, Feng Sui is the ancient Chinese art of harmonising your surroundings and environment with you as an individual, in order to promote and improve your happiness, wellbeing and success – both physically and psychologically.

Whether you want to meet a new partner, change career or improve your health; by using the 5 elements of Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood, with a combination of metaphysics and positive intention – Feng Shui can help you make significant and lasting change.

Just published 2021!


Janine is an author and writes books about Chinese Astrology and Feng Shui.

Manifest Journal for inspirational people
Janine Lowe

This book will help you clear your mind and focus on what you want and appreciate what you already have. Use your journal daily to manifest, just like magic attracting the right relationship, success, wealth and so much more.

Brand new for 2021!


Try one of Janine's famous bundles as a great introduction at a great price!

Feng Shui 2021 Wealth Bundle

This bundle is for you if you want to significantly increase your long term wealth, prosperity, relationships and good fortune. Learn where your auspicious, favourable and unfabourable areas in your house are and unlock the secret recipes of your future success.

Chinese Astrology 2021 Wealth Bundle

Buy the Astrology for Wealth Bundle for the year ahead and get ready to enhance your life, career and business. This brand new bundle for 2021 includes 365 days of Daily Horoscopes and twelve videos covering January-December, personalised to your chinese astrology animal.


Janine offers a number of unique one-to-one Skype consultations, book below.

Feng Shui

Using Luopan, a Chinese geomantic compass, to determine the most auspicious direction and positive Sheng Chi for your home or business. This traditional method serves as a means to assign proper positions in time and space.

Bazi and Destiny Chart reading

Bazi, or the 'Four Pillars', are the four components that create your destiny or fate. Using your birth year, month, day, and hour, your astrological chart will help you to understand your gifts, hidden opportunities and what options you have at any given point in time.

Courses and Affiliates

Janine offers a number of digital courses as well as a great affiliate program.

Become an Affiliate

Becoming an affiliate is a great way to learn about feng shui and make supplementary income. You'll receive 50/50 profit-sharing on successul referals, access to Janine's exclusive affiliate Facebook group, all the necessary marketing materials and support from her virtual assistant.

Become a Feng Shui Consultant

Learn how to set-up your own Feng Shui business. This bespoke, downloadable and one-to-one ‘Four Pillars Feng Shui school’ teaches the principles of Yin Yang, the interactions between the five elements, the eight trigrams, the Lo Shu numbers, and the 24 Mountains.